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Gold Prospecting

Alaska offers visitors a wide variety of activities to do during their trip. Some are unique to Alaska and other activities are best experienced in Alaska. Whether it be shopping for native Alaskan crafts, riding in a dog sled, fishing for halibut, or panning for gold, Alaska will satisfy even the most selective travelers needs for unique and wonderful experiences. A common problem most visitors to Alaska face is not finding something to do during their vacation but rather selecting which of the many options they have available to them do partake in during their Alaska Vacation. We have selected the most popular activities for people coming to Alaska, but this list in far from being definitive. This site is constantly growing and we will add more things to do on your Alaska vacation as time allows. Where appropriate we list approximate prices and time required for the activity. Some of the activities and excursions listed here can be easily done with no prior planning or preparation. Others might require a reservation made months in advance, training, and specialized gear. Whatever the case we will let you so that you can make the most of your Alaska Vacation.