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The web site MyAlaskan.com provides information on Alaska from the unique perspective of an Alaskan's point of view. While seeing Bald Eagles or Moose while on a drive are common, they are still well appreciated by all that see them. Our Alaska site is written to help you plan a trip to Alaska, whether it be an cruise or a wilderness adventure. If you would like to keep track of changes we make to this Alaska Travel site you can check in at our blog where we will post changes and new content to the site. We will also make an effort to highlight changes on this home page if you want to check back from time to time.

Brown bear fishing at Brooks Falls Alaska

Alaska, often described as a land of superlatives, offers a different glimpse for everyone that visits or travels in the state. Being such a large region it can't help but show a different side to different people. Those that visit Southeast Alaska, marvel at the tremendous beauty, abundant sea life, and dense vegetation. Visitors to the interior of Alaska may experience hot dry weather, open plains, and view less wildlife than on the coast. Those that go to Denali Park will come to expect a new wildlife encounter around every bend in the road. While all of these perspectives are true, none truly describe this great state in its' entirety. Our goal is not to create just another Alaska travel site, but rather offer unique and helpful information for every Alaska visitor. While we can help you plan an itinerary with suggestions, we hope that the depth of information we provide helps you create your own special trip to Alaska, and allows you to see or experience most your goals for your Alaskan Adventure.

A common realization when coming to Alaska or planning a trip is that you need more time -- or want more time once you are here. Many visitors come to the state on a 7 or 10 day cruise, and while wonderful, they find it is only a teaser of what there is to experience. Travelers that come by ship are now frequently adding an additional week or two of land excursions or returning the next year for more adventurous travel. About a third of the riders on the Alaska Railroad at any given time during the summer are return visitors.

Group travel and wilderness adventures in some of the more remote areas of Alaska are becoming quite common. In the past you may needed your own experience and equipment, chartered you own plane, and logistical support for a wilderness trip -- today there are many qualified companies that provide float trips, hiking, camping, and glacier travel. They can provide the trip, support, training, or just the equipment, you just need the desire.

Our staff is based in Palmer, Alaska and we spend many months in the field and on assignment every year. If you enjoy the material you see on this web site please let us know. If you have suggestions or constructive criticism please share those with us also. We are happy to share our view of Alaska and hope you find it helpful.

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